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  • MUSIC ::: "Near Light" by Olafur Arnalds

Waking Up to the Warrior, the Wolf and the Letting Go

This was the year of letting go and finding balance in the wind alone.

This was the cycle of awakening and breathing from the very core that makes us human.

This was the year that began the metamorphosis into Warrior.

Into Mountain.

Into Savasana.

I found profound love and I felt profound heartbreak.

I learned to be the sister of a Wolf and I learned to be the friend of a Lion.

I met demons in the depths of my own shadow and I knelt down with them to pray.

I moved mountains of sorrow through screaming storms of disappointment.

I learned to say goodbye with more grace and in turn I learned to love with more depth.

And When branches broke beneath me, I was taught to survive.

I learned to be the strength of my own story and the tender touch to my own wounds.

I learned that sometimes words can be too much, or too many, and truths can be too few.

I came to know that speed would break your bones and patience would mend them.

And I chose to use forgiveness to heal instead of forgetting.

I fell into darkness so deep it began to lose gravity, but I learned to paint light with the rhythm of my own heartbeat.

And when the snow began to fall, I moved into the silence without fear of my own thinking.

And when the birds awoke the spring with song, I licked my lips and sent the dandelions off without the burden of wishes.

I’ve burnt a thousand candles.

I’ve had ten thousand dreams.

I’ve held myself close while the universe whirled by in love

and loss

and living motions around me.

Someday I will learn to be the Wolf and the Lion. I will learn to move like unburdened dandelions.. I will become the essence of the teacup and the steam.

And I will learn to be the open road that leads to grace.

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