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OBSIDIAN was weaved together somewhere in the backwoods of Vermont, conjured up by a wanderer while she was looking for something completely different, but finding exactly what she needed. 

Due to her natural inclination to meander, to seek stories and to explore life as it unfolds, she tends to approach photography with an authentic, on-location, lifestyle feel. She likes her subjects to be in their chosen environments whether that means being on a motorcycle, a beach or a hike in the mountains. Life is all about adventures.

Wherever she is in the world, Obsidian offers half and full day packages for family, friend and group lifestyle shoots as well as services for commercial clients and wedding packages.

Her personal passion for motorcycle photography is a combination of lifestyle and landscape work - creating painterly, fine art portraits of landscapes and riders together, capturing the heart of the riding experience. She's been an official photographer for Babes Ride Out since 2017 and has worked with other motorcycle related brands such as Sena Bluetooth and Triumph Motorcycles. She is also a motorsports photographer for motorcycle track and racing.

OBSIDIAN provides a diverse range of photographic services including, but not limited to:

• Lifestyle shoots - mini session & half/full day adventures
• Commercial & Editorial
• Content Creation for social media campaigns

• Motorsports track and race photography
• Weddings (though we are specific in our styling)
• Portraiture (Studio & Environmental)
• Travel Journalism & Documentary
• Fine art landscape
• Professional Retouching Services

• SPECIAL INTEREST in Motorcycles, Adventures, Alternative lifestyles, Foreign Cultures


Self-Portrait 2017




So often in the world of any artistic medium, we hear the phrase “find your own style and stick with it”. I could do that. I could come up with a set of 5 presets that I slap on every photoshoot, tweaking it a little bit to adjust for light. But I don’t. In looking at my portfolio you might even think it could be a collage of a variety of photographers, because instead of sticking to a quick formula, I approach each photoshoot as a unique collection. I take the time (and trust me, it takes a lot of time) to develop a preset for each shoot and then edit each image individually. I let the natural culmination of colors, atmosphere, light and subject dictate the style of the editing. Each shoot is unique and it deserves to be treated as such. 


I’m always open to clients having a preference for style. Some people want things to seem moody, some want things to seem light and airy, and others want things to feel like vintage film. So long as the actual atmosphere allows for those kinds of feelings, I’ll work with it. As far as I’m concerned, the raw files are just that, raw materials, and the editing is where things can really come to life.

​more about sarah delia

Travel junkie. Motorcycle Enthusiast. Tea connoissuer. Animal lover. Nature dweller. Novelty seeker. Word weaver. Somewhat of an Enigma.

Prefers dim lit rooms, open roads, crossing borders, alternative cultures, new perspective

and spontaneity.

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