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Live an Open Road

OBSIDIAN was weaved together somewhere in the backwoods of Vermont, conjured up by a wanderer while she was looking for something completely different, but finding exactly what she needed. Living an open road is all about authenticity and adventure. That is how I approach my brand.

Due to my natural inclination to meander, seek stories and explore, I tend to approach photography with an authentic, on-location, lifestyle feel. I like my subjects to be in their natural environment whether it's a portrait session, product shoot or a lifestyle brand adventure.



OBSIDIAN provides a diverse range of photographic services including:

• Lifestyle shoots
• Commercial & Editorial
• Content Creation
• Portraiture

• Motorsports (track + race)
• Destination/Adventure Elopements
• Travel Journalism & Documentary
• Fine art landscape
• Professional Retouching Services

Style + Editing

This industry relies heavily on batch editing with presets. I could do that. I could come up with a set of 5 presets that I slap on every photoshoot, tweaking it a little bit to adjust for light - but I don’t.

In looking at my portfolio you might even think it's a collective of different photographers, because instead of sticking to a quick formula, I approach each photoshoot as a unique collection. I take the time to develop a preset for each shoot and then edit each image individually. I let the natural culmination of colors, atmosphere, light and subject dictate the style of the editing. Each shoot is unique and it deserves to be treated as such. 

I work with my clients so that the editing reflects their vision. As far as I’m concerned, the raw files are just that - raw materials - and the editing is where things can really come to life.

HelmetBeachSelfPortrait091817_005 copy.jpg



Motorcycles + Motorsports

I've worked within the motorcycle industry since 2017. I've photographed events such as Babes Ride Out, Ducati Revs as well as the premier race league of the U.S - MotoAmerica.

I've also worked in the commercial sector of the industry, creating content for brands such as Triumph Motorcycles, Ducati, Sena Bluetooth and Rev'it.



Commercial + Small Business

I've created social media, website and marketing content for many small businesses. Everything from apparel, accessories and jewelry, to shampoo and motorcycles. Click Here for a list of apparel and accessory brands I've worked with.

I've also worked with businesses that provide services such as restaurants and yoga studios, to create atmospheric visual marketing that aligns with their brand.


Lifestyle + Elopements

I've been an adventure and elopement photographer since 2017. I've photographed peoples adventures in India, Nepal, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, Italy and Ireland. These sessions are aimed at creating a personal portrait of humans doing what they love whether it's surfing, rock climbing, riding motorcycles are hiking in the mountains. 


About Me

Travel junkie. Motorcycle Enthusiast. Nature Lover. Mountain seeker. Mother of all animals.

Prefers open roads, empty trailheads, crossing borders, conversations with animals and alternative cultures.

Lover of good books, tropical islands, paddleboarding, hiking, scuba-diving, houseplants and cats. Definitely cats.

Notoriously bad at updating my own social media. I'd prefer to create content for yours.

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