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Autumn: Transitions, Struggles and a Reinvention...

I took the time this morning to sit and allow my mind, my heart and my higher self to surrender to the shifting shadows and find reunion within the smell of Sandlewood. Sometimes I feel terribly scattered around... Each body of myself fully embracing a different experience, separated by space and time and walls upon walls of things mysterious and tempting.

And then they come back together and I can breathe again, and I can see clearly the completeness of my body as it does what it was meant to do... And my temperature goes up with all the compassion I feel. I've been gifted and cursed with the capacity to love to the core of a persons humanness. This paves the way for great bliss and even greater bottoming... always seeing beyond the blinding to the source of a stars ancient light.

This transition of fall has been a particularly difficult one to traverse... Death and heartache and shrapnel of the shrouded past coming back around to whisper in my ear that the only constant is change. To depend on things unchanging is to throw oneself to the feet of a stampede.

And so, with these months of remembering, I've re-opened myself to the fact that change is not the death-slinging demon our flight instinct may lead us to imagine. Sometimes change is exactly what we need, and even if it's not, we can't avoid it, so we may as well start stretching those muscles to new levels of flexibility. Just breathe and keep moving. SPEAKING OF CHANGE. Drishti Photographic will be experiencing a lot of new changes of its own. Big changes. We're not just talking a completely new branding, we're talking a completely new name and new areas of focus. In the coming months Drishti Photographic will officially make the transition to Obsidian Photographic. As fond of Drishti as my heart is, the name is too culturally bound in India and does not translate well here in the US. I never intended to strictly be a travel photographer (although if I could be a traveling documentarian I would do it in a second), and now that I am spending much less time working abroad I am expanding my area of specialization into the commercial world here in the US. My heart remains in the life of world-wandering... ...and I will absolutely take off again...and again...and again. There are a few thousand places and projects yet to be realized... But for now it is time to set some roots here in the US. It's time to build a nest... to build a studio... to build a that in the future, my long lengths of wandering are an easier thing to do. I appreciate all of the love i've been given while on the road and off, and I am thankful to those that have followed along with me and sent warm words of support in rough times, or smiling words of love during the good times. I hope that you will all stick around to see what adventures I can find myself in closer to home. There are LOTS of fascinating sub-cultures right here in the US that need exploring... think motorcycles, body modifications, etc... and of course my love of the tea culture isn't going anywhere. With love, respect, gratitude (endless), honesty and COMPASSION, Sarah

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