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Inspiration in Blending Worlds

You find yourself at a fork in the road… one path is pebbled with forbidden innocence, one path is paved with familiar faces. Which one do you choose? Well, if you're me, you choose the forbidden one, of course....because the familiar is the spoon fed normality…. And I’ve never been one for that sort of smooth, formal thing... ....but if you are me you also can’t stop wondering… what if you chose differently? Perhaps your decision got deterred from logic by your day dreams... And this debate can go on for a dreadfully, depthfully, long while…especially when you are in-between… stuck mid-step… when your mind is made up but your body hasn’t yet been able to catch up. Or is it vice versa? “Bhūt Sōch rahē hū”. Too much Thinking, he said. It is not often (and by that I mean it is never) that I find myself here… stuck between choosing to be the Indian bride of a Brahmin priest and being a free bird in the western world. Love does ludicrous things to the mind, sometimes. What does any of this romance drama have to do with my photography, really? Well…I’ve been pretty distracted, to say the least and so I haven’t really done any photography ...You see? *** But I have been garnering a gardens worth of inspiration *** The perception of my minds eye has been filtered through something very new… something surreal and vibrantly alive... crisp and clear with fine tuned intention and a sharper focus on the future. I’ve learned something important here. I’ve learned that being stuck somewhere between two channels, two cultures and two colours gives you the opportunity to mix the two and make something completely new… and this is the magic that makes masterpieces possible. I’ve found inspiration in the contrast. I’ve found motivation in the tension. I’ve found flexibility in the composition… ......because the compositional rule of thirds is meant to be challenged, afterall. DO NOT let yourself be bound by culture and religion and ideaology.

Mūkta Mana Free Mind.

The greatest things in life fall between the lines that are programmed into our minds from the beginning. Forget everything you think you know about cultural boundaries, and start seeing the boundaries of HUMANNESS. What is humane? What is honest? What is compassionate? What is respectful? And what else, really, do we need to follow? When you are bound by less, you swim in a universe of art. LIVE IN ART.

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