Sometimes I sit down and playback a years worth of memories in my head. A timeline of meaningful occurrences, both devastating and heartwarming. I remember the love that got away and the reasons I had to let it. I remember the tragedy that I swept under rugs weaved of smiles and whiskey-kissed romances. I remember hard choices, poor choices...

Monkeys play in the limbs of banyan trees 

while fish swim through the thick body of the Mother

swollen and grey  with ashes and ribcages

pregnant with the purified bodies of her children

They’re on their way straight through 

spinning around again

and again

and again

towards the gates of Nirvana

If they’re lucky. 

If they’re clean enough to make it...

February 15, 2017

Collectively i’ve spent years wandering through India, a place that never stops swirling itself up around you in muddy waves of worry and wisdom, a place that tears you open mercilessly and teaches you to lick the wounds, wrap them up in dirty gauze and then keep moving on… because she doesnt wait, she moves at her own unpredictable rhythm,...

Coconut daydreams and foreign cities can only soothe the wound for so long. 

Time and space are good distractions  from the pain that I feel throughout my body, coursing through my veins, up my spine, swelling in my throat and leaving me speechless.

Tears are sometimes the only words I have left when the world slows down around me. And I can...

I think this is the liberation of Self that I never knew I needed. Reaching out from the caves of my primitive mind to the place where warmth touches the earth and all things glow with the radiance of their own unique light.

I am water. I move with the moon.
I mold to the soft curves of Mother earths body.
I am made up o...

This was the year of letting go and finding balance in the wind alone.

This was the cycle of awakening and breathing from the very core that makes us human.

This was the year that began the metamorphosis into Warrior

Into Mountain

Into Savasana.

I found profound love and I felt profound heartbreak

I learned to be the sister of a Wolf and I...

Dear Shadow,

I’ve met quite a few of you in my time here, in this body, throughout this cycle.
I’ve tried to fight you, hide you, turn you into lies.
I’ve tried to cover you in chocolate, cherries and corduroy…
                                                                                 . . . in childhood memories of were-wolves and ma...

The rocky coast was abandoned by all the summer lovers, and we sat amongst the stones and listened to the water play on the rough shores. The sound of the moving waves and the sound of the pouring tea became a duet of the same body. The steam from our teacups became ballerinas in the air, holding true to the dancing leaves within the pot. A...

December 13, 2016

Set fire to the water
From the shapeshifting shores

Of mothers body
Shipping prayers
to calmer places
in sailboats
made of sticks

the fate
of my direction
to the wavering hands
of wild blue winds

she offers nothing straight
just ripples
breaking evenly
in all directions

from the center
of a sodden ship


May 1, 2016

March 7, 2012 - Narender & the Gypsy Colony

     I was alone, wandering around the streets of Jaipur with a broken cell phone and no access to money. It was hot and dusty and loud. I was three months into my first trip to India and I was tired and frustrated and sick. India had torn me to pieces pretty quickly - two hospital stays, more sexu...

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December 13, 2016

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